Feminist Tracts for Unwanted Compliments – 3 Pack


Keep some of these on your person to give to anyone who tells you to smile. Educate those fools!



Have you ever stood up against unwanted comments about your appearance only to be told your desires don’t matter because the comment was “a compliment?”

A Compliment You Say? is a pocket sized zine written to be given to folks in this situation. The first half explores what the function of a compliment is and what is communicated by comments that disregard the feelings of the recipient. The second half is advice for flirting: how to assess signs of consent for continued conversation and when and how to back off.

Hopefully these zines help to educate those that there is still hope for, to provide them with a little insight. Buy a set and keep them in your bag for the next time you hear this condescending BS!

This listing is for 3 zines.

2.25″x4.25″ 32pp


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